» » Threat of war for all Europe is not yet removed, - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany

Threat of war for all Europe is not yet removed, - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany

Danger arising from the conflict in the east of Ukraine is not removed from all the Europe, considers the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. He stated that in the interview to a local newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung. ‘It is terrifying that again 10 innocent inhabitants lost their lives as a result of the rocket attack. It means that danger for whole Europe arising of this conflict is far from being removed,’ – he remarked. ‘That is why we will continue to do everything possible to reassure that this conflict will not turn into the large-scale military confrontation. This is quite difficult, but there is no alternative.’ – added Steinmeier. According to him, negotiations on solving this issue are going difficult. ‘Problem is that simultaneously we discuss the creation of a ceasefire line, the withdrawal of heavy weapons and foreign fighters, the access to the humanitarian help and the exchange of captives’, - noticed head of the German Ministry. ‘We are capable of solving the conflict if serious efforts are applied from both sides to a permanent ceasefire that can make a way for political decision. It should be clear for everyone that there is no military solution for the conflict,’ – emphasized Steinmeier.

It should be reminded that in the beginning of December Steinmeier expressed the hope for reducing conflict around Ukraine.

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