» » EU urges Kiev to create the Ministry on European integration

EU urges Kiev to create the Ministry on European integration

European Parliament urges Ukrainian authorities to create the Ministry of the Office on European integration issues and the Coordination Committee between the Ministries for monitoring of European integration. It is mentioned in the Resolution of the European Parliament (hereafter, the EP) adopted today at the plenary meeting in Strasbourg. ‘The EP urges Ukrainian authorities to create the Ministry or the Office on European integration and coordination of support, as well as high level coordination committee between the Ministries that would have authorities for effective monitoring and control over the EU reforms and able to prepare and coordinate their accomplishment,’  - it is written in the Resolution.  The EP stresses that Association Agreement and advanced and comprehensive free trade zone should be supported by the plan of conducting urgent and necessary reforms that should be urgently finalized despite of still hard situation in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Moreover, the EP urges European Council and European Commission not to hesitate with the efforts on rendering support to Ukraine in adopting and realization these reforms in order to make a way for complete fulfillment of the Association Agreement. The EP urges more operational and essential technical support from the ‘Support group’ of the European Commission as well, including identification of industries where this support is needed in order to assist Ukraine in development and implementation of complex program. In the EP deputies are convinced that Ukraine urgently needs ambitious program of tackling corruption and zero tolerance to corruption. ‘The EP urges authorities to eliminate system of corruption in the frame of immediate and effective accomplishment of the National strategy on tackling corruption and emphasizes that fighting corruption should become one of the main priorities of the new government’, - it is mentioned in the Resolution. On account with this the EP advises creating politically independent Anti-Corruption Bureau with sufficient accountabilities and resources in order to contribute to initiating well functioning state institutions.

Besides, the EP welcomes Ukraine request to Interpol on issuing arrest warrant for the former President Viktor Yanukovich accused in embezzlement of budget. ‘The EP urges member states to implement Interpol warrant order and return stolen assets’, - it is said in the document. The EP also welcomes creation of the business ombudsman and offers to Ukrainian government to present draft law on ombudsman.


EU urges Kiev to create the Ministry on European integration

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